icon-chatI like this place. It's typical of the Asian restaurant with the mirrors a faux gold leaf trim, big round tables, and decorations. The main attraction for me was the food served off the cart. I'm used to ordering from a menu where I'd order an order of chow mien and Mongolian beef or combination plate (with so-and-so), but the carts were jam-packed with nothing but Chinese food goodness. Everything from deep fried duck to BBQ pork bows to shrimp rolls. The food was fresh and tasty. The wait staff was pleasant and accommodating and readily available to help and serve. Don't forget to bring your wallet though. It's easy to grow big eyes and over order because there's a ton of stuff worth ordering. We got 8 small appetizer/hour' derv (sp?) and a large order of hong kong style chow mien (crispy noodles) with two sodas and our total was close to $50. I thought it was a bit pricy but worth it.

I browsed through the menu and the prices seemed on par with most Chinese restaurants along with the dinner menus for small and very large families. I'd recommend this

establishment to friends/family.  ( Michael H. Sacramento, CA )



All I can say is, this place is super promising. The location has been plagued in the past by World Buffet, but this Dim Sum and Chinese Restaurant is about to change all that.
Freshly remodeled inside and outside. New everything! Fish tanks, tables, chairs, paint, wallpaper, lighting, signage, chandelier, wall displays and staffing......all new. The owners did everything they could to make this place unique with a wonderful eating experience. With FH being the last Dim Sum restaurant to open, Hong Kong Islander is welcomed with open arms and mouths.

I told the new owners, Conrad and Candy, how happy I was to have a new spot for one of my favorite foods. Please tell them that Patrick's review made you come in. I told them I would do a writeup on their new venture.

UPDATE: 8-9-2012

Okay, so I've been here about 7 times since opening. I could not be happier with this place. Everything is still super fresh and flavorful. You can bet on a wonderful meal, both Dim Sum or dinner. Be sure to try the Hom Yi Jin Jee Yook......simply wonderful!!!!   ( Patrick Y. Sacramento, CA )


icon-chatI'm glad to see a good restaurant finally take over this location. It seems like the place has gone through bad buffet after bad buffet, but I think Hong Kong islander is here to stay. The place is hardly recognizable- and actually really nice looking. Everything has been remodeled: new carpet, wall paper, chandeliers, etc.

My mom tried out this place for their dim sum this past weekend and was raving about it. So we decided to come tonight for dinner, to try out their other dishes. The service was very helpful, polite, and prompt. We got tea and ice water very quickly (and refills too). Tonight, we ordered:

-Free soup: carrots, turnip, pork soup. Pretty standard, but it was tasty.
-Sautéed Beef (Hong Kong Style): It kind of tastes like peking sparerib sauce (ketchup-y) and is stir-fried with lots of onions. I loved the onions. The beef was very flavorful and soft as well.
-Porkchop with salt: the pork chops were thin and soft. The fried covering was light, crispy, and perfectly seasoned. It had a hint of salt, but it wasn't overly salty at all. There were probably about 20 pieces of pork, all topped with fried garlic and jalepeno pieces. Very tasty.
-Braised tofu and vegetables: this was pretty standard- not much of a wow factor, but I really enjoyed it. The bok choy was cooked just right (soft but not mushy) and the mushrooms were good too. I liked the sauce; it went nice with the tofu, over white rice.
-Free dessert: red bean and tapioca 'soup', this was pretty tasty. Sweet, but not too sweet or too thick.

Overall, I can only say good things about this place. All of the food came out nice and hot; and the portions were generous. The service was friendly and this place has a nicer vibe to it than many other Sacramento Chinese restaurants. I'll be back.

-All of the servers seemed to speak English and Chinese.  ( Samantha L. Sacramento, CA )